About K&J Custom Dog Crates

We are Kevin and Jill, an Irish couple who embarked on a remarkable journey from Ireland to Canada in 2009.

We set out to create a fulfilling life in our new home. With a background in construction as a skilled carpenter and construction manager,
Kevin honed his craft over two decades, mastering the art of creating sturdy
and reliable structures. Jill brought her expertise in office operations and
marketing, ensuring that every aspect of our business runs smoothly and that our
customers receive the highest level of satisfaction.

The unforeseen challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic led to a temporary layoff
for Kevin. During this period of uncertainty, we channeled our energy and
passion into a project that not only brought joy to our own lives but also
captured the attention of our friends and acquaintances. We meticulously
crafted a beautiful wooden custom dog crate, providing a comfortable and secure
space for our cherished rescue dogs.

As word spread about our stunning custom crate, the demand from friends and pet owners
grew rapidly. Inspired by the positive feedback and encouraged by the
opportunity to share our craftsmanship with others, we embarked on a new
chapter in our lives. Our journey took an exciting turn when we were approached
with a unique request—to build strong, heavy-duty, yet lightweight metal crates
that were IATA compliant.

Recognizing the lack of IATA-compliant crates built within Canada, we rose to the
challenge. We understood the need for high-quality, locally manufactured
products that pet owners could rely on. Determined to provide a solution, we
dedicated ourselves to creating metal crates made from aircraft-grade
aluminum—ensuring strength, durability, and lightweight portability.

Today, we take immense pride in offering Canadians an IATA-compliant dog crate that is
not only strong and heavy-duty but also crafted with the highest standards of
quality. Our metal crates are carefully engineered to provide the ultimate
combination of strength and lightweight design, making travel and
transportation easier for pet owners.

We have shipped our Canadian-made, heavy-duty, strong, safe, and secure collapsible dog
crates to customers across Canada, the United States, and numerous other
countries. We are honored to provide pet owners worldwide with a reliable,
locally built product that exceeds expectations.

Join us on this incredible journey as we continue to uphold our commitment to excellence,
innovation, and customer satisfaction. Experience the difference of K&J dog
crates and discover why pet owners trust us to deliver superior IATA-compliant
dog crates. From our family to yours, we are proud to offer Canadians a product
that combines strength, durability, and the peace of mind that comes from
supporting local craftsmanship.